Many experts say “It takes 21 days to form a new habit” therefore, if we want to achieve our goals, let’s start slowly and be realistic.

  1. Book “Power of Habit: 371-page book The Power of Habit does a wonderful job of simply explaining how to form habits, fast. No-brainer buy. — Sam, CEO of The Hustle Sam Parr
  2. Make a poster or vision board: When you start having a vision board for your semester (can be done each quarter or semester), you will see the difference it makes in your life. It is proven that we are better off by seeing our goals, sticking to our routines and make things happen… if we have a visual ! I started doing it two years ago, which will reflect my vision for that whole semester.
  3. Goal List: I learned to do a Goal list for the quarter — It helps with sticking to a 21-Day goal! Helps to plan and make achievements personally and professionally!
  4. MyWeeklyBudget and Personal Capital: tracks weekly spending by manually entering purchases. Personal Capitalis for aggregating personal finances- per Sam, CEO of The Hustle Sam Parr
  5. Use your planner/Agenda: I am the type who loves to write down in the agenda, my weekly goals, monthly goals and organize (the best possible) in order for me to have a to-do list, check them off when Im done, and helps me keep track of my “new form of HABIT”.