We have heard it all, but do we actually do it? Waking at 5am. Having a healthy breakfast. Run. Start your business day with the best organization possible. Lists. Tasks. Schedules. Agenda for the day, for the week.. Planner for the month etc…

Let me start by telling you that IT IS possible. The many articles written by influencers or top business performers in the biggest corporations or CEOs, tell you about it. They have mastered these skills by consistency. They actually perform better due to a set of HABITS that they have implemented in their daily lives.

If you are a business owner, student, parent or professional with just few minutes or even seconds to glance to an article like this…. you know it: we barely “have time” to really perform how we wish for. Let’s cut to the chase and try for yourself!


  • Less activities, less stress! this could be applied to personal and professional aspects. We tend to over-schedule or over-commit ourselves. Learn to say NO.
  • Less things, less stress! we tend to buy what we think we want.. but do we actually used it all? not really. Have what you need and the rest: donate it, toss it or have a system to have it handy when needed.
  • Less crowded spaces, more clarity! Have you heard of Feng Shui? The more clear the space, the clearer is our mind and life.


Mindfulness is the observation without judgment, be where we are, pure and simply be

  • Have you heard of Mindfulness? Many articles, and people practicing. When you start learning about it, you will understand why it could be the most simplest practice but the most difficult: because it requires consistency.
  • Enjoy the moments with your work, meetings, your family, your mistakes and your achievements!


When you begin planning for the end of things, you are able to go through all the scenarios possible:

  1. You plan ahead.
  2. You are able to know what you can do , and what you cannot.
  3. You are able to reach out if necessary.
  4. This way you simplify your life by seeing what’s worth your time or not.


5am : ideal time- waking up early and getting out before the sun rises

Start by always putting your alarm clock at the same time (for me a 5am). Trust me, you can do it! I was a night owl that for years studied and had the typical schedule of late nights and very early mornings. I barely performed in all those years, I accomplished just what I could, not what I was capable!

  • Establish a morning routine and stick to it.
  • Sleep well- Is not the amount of hours but the quality.
  • Start off by setting your alarm a little earlier each
  • Keep curtains open at night: Let the natural light wake you up in the morning.
  • Start Running or practicing an exercise. Running or any exercise can lower stress levels, it gives more energy.

I feel more prepared for the day, generally I feel more centered and organized to start my “day”. Able to check my agenda and appointments, get kids ready, and work ready before I actually have to walk out of the door.

  • Start slow- walking the first days. Then walk for 5 mins and run the other 5 mins, then walk again. That’s the secret of marathon runners. I can testify to it — ran 3 5K runs in different cities and I was never the Runner type!
  • Have your gear ready set out the night before
  • Make a good playlist to run, find a good route or scenario.
  • Use an app for performance (I use Nike+ app in which many walkers/runners share their runs and motivational coaches are constantly boosting your confidence.)

You will see the difference when you start changing your biological clock!


Calendar- Have an agenda or write down everything in your cellphone calendar. Every morning, check your schedule confirm your appointments/meetings via email and that way you know what to expect. Less stress and more accountability.

  • Every week on a Sunday , for example, check your agenda and plan your week.You will see the difference.
  • Every end-of-the-month, plan your next month. Events, Appointments and even routines. You are able to see what’s coming up, what you need to plan for and even do things ahead of time to maximize your daily life!
  1. Simplify your daily efforts by taking into account your time and if you are able to actually do what you planned for. If you can’t it’s ok, just plan it for when you are actually able to!


By being different is what makes us unique and a contribution to society.

We have different skills and bring into the table different experiences. Make it a daily habit to embrace this and enjoy the fact that we are all different. We go at our own pace and making it a habit, will buy you many years of self-development!