Sounds silly, right? Who doesn’t know how to have a vacation where all you have to do is…stay home?

None of the planning, packing, scheduling, reserving, or Yelping. No pre-cation dieting, Instagram-worthy outfits, or budget-busting supply lists.

Just…stay home. Right?

Doesn’t sound like much of a vacation. For me, vacation means a few simple, but critical things:

  • A clean, comfortable space that’s somehow better than the place where I spend every other day
  • Activities that are so far removed from my norm that I actually forget about said norm for a while
  • Amazing food

Here’s how to get there, without ever going anywhere.

Start with a budget

A budget? For what?!

You want to make this time special – especially if you have children at home. This isn’t just another week of Netflix and cereal for dinner. Just like with any vacation, you will want special meals, activities, and experiences that will create connections and memories. Order an inflatable pool, a new puzzle, games, or movies, or splurge on a new streaming service and a projector for outdoor or bedroom movies. 

You will also want to plan for special meals, whether you spend a day cooking something special or venture out for high-end takeout. 

It’s all in the prep-list

  1. If you’re like me, cleanliness is critical to relaxation. Do yourself the favor and spring-clean before you “leave.” 

  2. SNACKS. Life is not fun without snacks; give them the attention they deserve. Prep some healthy (or not) snacks and quick meals so you can pop down to the lobby-restaurant any time without a ton of work.

  3. Get away from the routine – even in a small space, you can carve out some new scenery. Make plans to eat dinner in the bedroom, shower in a different bathroom, or have breakfast on the balcony. 

Nothing ruins a vacation like work. This isn’t the time to get ahead on a big project or clean out your inbox There is nothing about email, negotiations, or reporting that says, “recreation and relaxation.” 

Tie up your business TIGHT before you “leave”

Meet with your Marketing team to:

  • Schedule all posts and launches during your time away
  • Review any tasks that cannot be put on auto-pilot
  • Project-out those tasks that will need to be completed upon your return and get them on the calendar
  • Designate a point of escalation (NOT YOU)
  • Level-set boundaries and expectations
  • Reach out to customers and clients with your coverage plan


There’s nothing easy about tricking your brain into vacation mode when you have nothing new in your visual space. Beware of some of these biggest trouble-makers:

Boredem – Hello, old friend. Now, truth be told, boredom is usually my tippy-toppest goal for any vacation. But when you are stuck at home, it can be lethal. 

Work – If your aim is to complete some major projects around the house, be intentional and honest with yourself. Schedule them and stick to it. Otherwise, don’t allow yourself to work – whether it’s the paid kind or not. 

Quitting early – Respect your time and need for a break. If you don’t, no one else will. Squeeze out every moment you can before you have to be a responsible adult again.

Self pity – This one might be my biggest trap. I have to avoid my feed, especially in the middle of beach season. Start or end (or both) every day by reviewing all the good in your life and beauty in your space. If you have kids, turn this into a craft so they have a tangible reminder to lean on when self pity starts to creep in. If you don’t, make yourself a list!

Too much screen time – staring at a screen can be a needed break from reality, but it can also make time pass by so quickly that you miss the whole trip. Kids and adults both need time (outside if possible) to stretch their brains and fill their lungs.

Promote the local economy

Did you know you can actually Yelp or post about your favorite restaurants, shops, and attractions in your own town?


Seriously, this is the time to build up your community and local small business, just like you would on vacation. Try some new places or new dishes at your favorite spots and post about them. Give them some Google stars, a shout-out on Instagram, or like them on Facebook – just like the organic, word-of-mouth exposure you crave for your business.

Drive over to the other side of town and see what’s over there. And then share what you find. 

Don’t just skip the vacation this year.

No matter what your year has looked like, you need a break. We all do.