Sitting down at Startup Grind Global Convention at Redwood City, California. Its Wednesday and looking side to side I decided to write my weekly article. I usually write in where I have grown a great love for writing. But today is different, today I’m sitting down in one of my top “places to visit”. I came to enjoy the greatness of being in one of the top Tech cities in the world. I’m speechless……. therefore I decided to write.

I’m the Director of ASTA, a Digital Marketing Agency that was established in 2016 in Miami, Florida. The idea started by a well known Digital Marketing Director from Bogota and I. It was the start of our endeavor: I filed the Corporation as ASTA and the rest is history.

We started in a Start Up meeting from an organization in Doral, by filing Corporations to people moving from California. I filed the Corporation for a Marketing Director who has a Digital Media Company that provides magazines to Car dealerships. From there, we started helping a Palmetto Bay Farmer’s Market that I volunteered with Miami Is Kind – a nonprofit that provides jobs to Young adults with Autism- as a vendor.

The day the owners approached me, I said “listen I can help you with the social Media, let me know how I can help”.

Now fast tracked a year later… and from 100 followers in Facebook, we have reached 790 engaged followers from the city. From nothing, we have created a well known Farmer’s Market in the area, where now the residents are excited to share about all the moments little vendors come to offer their made items. From Facebook LIVE videos, Instagram Live and different strategies, we became an approachable Agency for the local business in Coral Gables, Palmetto Bay and Pinecrest.

Throughout all these months what I have focused as Founder, has been about helping: Either by providing business consults to business owners, coaches or even Doctors… to lending a hand from start until end process of Marketing. We have combined our expertise in Social Media and Marketing to Public Relations around our locals. Miami and Orlando has been our hub for these amazing projects!

I wish I can tell you it has been easy or all the details have been a success. But as any entrepreneur will tell you. Nothing comes as easy as It seems. We have had our high and our low times. We have grown and have learned.. but has been such a huge curve of learning. Our backgrounds in our team have come from different ethnical and professional backgrounds, so it has been compelling but also overwhelming AS the Founder, I have wear many hats, many jobs, many do-it-all, and many faces in front. I have been the CEO, CFO, Accounts representative and Social Media expert as well as the Director. .

The last two years, I never dreamed of…. being here. I am a woman of big dreams, we are a team filling up the shoes and wear many hats, and we are a team of big Goals and huge timelines. We go for it, … if I know exactly what to go for. But the last two years, have been a non stop of beautiful opportunities.

As a start up, its huge. As a Founder, is an endless work that feeds into more work when you want to hug the WORLD and make a huge difference.

Hope we can succesfully elevate the brands we work with, and our journey shows the relentlessly nights and days full of ideas and creative meetings.