ASTA will give you reasons why you should start now!

You might be thinking, why do I need a marketing plan for my business? Is it that important? Anyone can create a marketing plan.

It doesn’t have to be complicated and can even be written on one page if that’s what works for you!

Why is it important?

A marketing plan, will help you grow your business in a much faster and more effective way. Having a marketing plan will also improve your wellbeing as you become a more organised and in control business owner.

It enables better time management.

Planning might not be your thing, but it makes managing your time so much easier.

Here are three reasons why the Marketing plan will help you grow exponentially:

  1. A marketing plan provides valuable structure and time efficiencies.

The marketing plan provides valuable structure and time efficiencies to run your business smoothly.

It enables you to find opportunities to batch produce and repurpose your content. As well as schedule your activities in advance and delegate marketing tasks to others. Your team or employees will thank you for it!

These are all fantastic ways to get back the time you need to run your business. Focusing in client acquisition, customer service and even releasing new products!

2. More effective use of your marketing budget

For service-based businesses, it’s common for sales to be a bit up and down. Your sales flunctuate depending on the season, the high volume of expenditure, the market and even what social emdia has a hyped about!

Yes…. whatever we see in social media, the consumer will see and will buy!

So you need to be on top of whats happening, but at the same time follow your plan in order to focus and out of the moment sales opportunities you can get towards your clients.

If you know you’re going to be busy, you can turn off your advertising campaign. And then turn it back on again just before your business starts to drop off.

Spending strategically evens out your lead generation, and your marketing return on investment improves.

3. Increase trust and attract your dream clients

You’ll be more focused on what your dream client wants to hear. This is called “your niche”. What your ideal client is and will be . In marketing is the Buyer Persona- the ideal client who will pay for the service or items in the price thta you need to sell it for.

When you have a content marketing plan for how you want to show up in front of your target market, it will ensure consistency, and this creates a clear message for your target market.

Consistency, branding and strategy are key concepts fro your marketing plan and to really see the product of it. The more organized, detailed and scheduled… the more results you will see.

It also avoids any confusion about what you stand for and what your brand represents.

The organization will allow you also to measure the results! which is very imprtant, since you cannot know if something is working or not, if you dont have a way to measure it.

If you have any questions or comments, ASTA business is here for you!